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Offplan Properties

Why You Should Invest in Off-Plan Properties in 2024

Investors from all around the world have been gathering in Dubai’s real estate market. While it may be less of a hassle to purchase a completed property, there are just too many advantages to investing in off-plan housing. Numerous incentives, including tax deductions and upgrades to infrastructure, make real estate market of Dubai an attractive

Dubai Communities

Best Communities to live in Dubai 2024

There are literally dozens of different possibilities available for living in Dubai. Choice is abundant in Dubai, from the renowned artificial island of Palm Jumeirah to Downtown Dubai and the wealthy residential community of Dubai Hills. Before describing further, it’s important to know how you would tell the perfect community. Is it a popular spot

Business Bay Dubai

Business Bay Dubai Area Guide | Fajar Realty

  Are you ready to explore the dynamic and busy Business Bay district, where modernity and innovation meet? Business Bay epitomizes modern urban living and worldwide corporate prowess along the Dubai Water Canal. This vibrant community combines work and play with luxury towers, tasteful cafes, and high-end boutiques. Business Bay’s central Dubai location makes it

Kiran Khawaja
Kiran Nadeem Khawaja (CEO Fajar Realty)

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